Simple import of orders

As the only provider on the market, PamBill imports store orders from Jimdo completely automatically and this since 2015! All new orders are imported with one click. With a PRO package, PamBill can even import and process orders completely automatically up to three times a day - optionally with automatic emailing. This allows you to devote your time to more important work, while PamBill imports all Jimdo order information and uses it to create legally compliant invoices in PDF format. Optionally also delivery notes with ability to select the items for delivery.

custom functionality

Many other additional functions

Choose from different invoice templates. Use the integrated dunning system to get overdue invoices paid. Are you a small business owner? Then use the integrated small business module. Edit invoices if corrections are necessary. Create delivery bills for the invoices and use the many other productivity features in PamBill for your business.

timely import

Full Jimdo order import

PamBill is the only solution that supports complete, automatic order import from Jimdo Creator or Dolphin since 2015. We import the totals, items, variants, VAT data, payment methods and all other data. Only PamBill offers this straightforward, direct import. However, the CSV import is still available. All order data is transferred to PamBill and PamBill creates legally compliant PDF invoices. PamBill offers a complete CSV export of the invoice data so that you can process them further.

payment reminder system

Integrated payment reminder system

Use the integrated payment reminder system. This is available to all users, because unpaid invoices are a problem. PamBill is here to help you with an automatic, three-tier dunning system that you can completely customize and adapt to fit your needs.

customer management

Customer Management

Imported customer data does not create duplicates in PamBill. This makes customer management very easy. Each customer is automatically assigned a customer number. If the customer data changes in the store system, it will be applied during the next import. Export the data in a CSV file.

invoice generation made easy

Invoice generation made easy

After you have imported your orders from the store (automatically or via CSV file), PamBill shows you all imported orders. With fully automatic import PamBill automatically imports the new orders from the store, without user intervention. After the import you can download the invoices as PDF (or all as zip file), send them by mail or fax. It's that simple! You can also assign a status to individual orders (shipped, paid, etc.).



Keep track of the numbers! PamBill offers you various reports on sales, top customers and much more. With this you can keep your Shopify, Jimdo or Squarespace store perfectly in view. Our reports also allow you to select time ranges, so you can easily determine quarterly or annual sales.

easy to use

Easy operation

PamBill is easy to set up and use. For this we have developed the PamBill Dashboard. Here you have a direct and comprehensive overview of invoices, customers, import options and much more. The interface has been deliberately developed so that all important functions are available and self-explanatory. Even if you are not an IT expert, you will get along with PamBill. Try PamBill for free and without obligation and see for yourself!

test without obligation

Test PamBill without obligation

We offer you a free 30-day trial. You don't have to enter any payment data for this and the trial ends automatically after 30 days. PamBill only offers prepaid packages, as you know it from prepaid cell phone tariffs. Therefore you do not run the risk of permanent debits. Of course we will inform you about expiring packages, so you can buy a new one. We think this is the fairest solution. If you are so far satisfied after testing, you can reset the account - all imported bills will be deleted and the settings will be kept - so you are ready to go with one click!



Whether you want to use PamBill in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France or any other country, we offer you a complete solution. PamBill supports all country specific requirements regarding invoicing. PamBill also supports the many different VAT rates that exist in the countries and offers a wide range of setting options.